10 Reasons Why This Ancient Beverage Is On Everyone's 2023 Wishlist  

1. Fastest, healthiest and cleanest morning beverage 

Say goodbye to sugary beverages with little to no nutritional value. We all know sugar is unhealthy and accelerates the aging process in humans.

Just a spoon of matcha into a cup, pour some water and you have a beverage at least 12X healthier than your entire breakfast.

2. It's Absolutely Delicious

Sweet and delicious is always associated with unhealthy but that is not the case here. Matcha is made from the best green tea makers.

Made with the best quality  leaves and blended to perfection, resulting in a smooth, rich and full-bodied flavor that will have you reaching for another cup. 

3. Full of clean energy

Not all energy sources are good. E.g refined carbs like white bread, breakfast cereals, most of these are just chemicals put together as food. Matcha delivers clean energy directly from natural green plants.

4. Over 1,000 years old 

Matcha has been consumed since the 7th century by Japanese monks, Samurai warriors and Japanese Royalty.

It remains an OG in the world of healthy drinks. You can never go wrong with the oldest and most reputable guy in the room.

5. Accelerates metabolism  

Feeling clogged? Matcha accelerates metabolism and makes you feel free.

You get better bowels movement and this aids a healthy weight loss. Keep your big stomach in check. 

6. Slows down aging 

Matcha is a big part of ancient Chinese and Japanese culture, so it is no surprise that it is synonymous with slowed down aging.

It contains antioxidant that prevents the oxidation of moisture which slows down aging and reduce wrinkles.

7. Healthy heart and blood pressure

Research shows the polyphenols content of matcha helps in reducing bad LDL, so having a diet containing matcha can prevent the risk of a cardiac.

8. 137 times more powerful than regular brewed tea

That is over 10,000% percent. They are only a few drinks in the world that can match the amazing nutritional benefits of matcha. It is just one of a kind.

9. Synonymous with meditation 

Matcha is synonymous with meditation. It enhances mental clarity and relaxation.

10. High level of antioxidants 

Matcha contains multiple antioxidants like flavonoids and polyphenols.

These are all premium sources as they are directly from natural green plants.

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NB: They are a lot of matcha in the market today and good quality ones are difficult to spot.

Some of them may be only 10% matcha and 90% cheap fillers.


If you want to get good quality 100% Matcha then you should go for the USDA certified organic brands.


This is the best quality but it usually does not come cheap.


If you need help then we have made a reccomendation below






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