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  • Boost immunity and disease resistance 
  • Stabilizes blood pressure 
  • Increase brain performance
  • Reduce depression and anxiety 
  • Boast testosterone and increase fertility

Proven from multiple sources

Ease depression and anxiety

Restoring the hope and youthfulness

Like the speed of light. Our organic Normatone keeps you going by providing unique and dependable heart health 

The pure heritage of nature

Now crushed into a complete supplement

For over 1000 years Hawthorn has been easing stress and anxiety for the South Americans and the West Indies.

This wonderful berries has been formulated into a complete supplement by our company to provide you an edge to live healthier 

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Mr. John Okah, Abuja

6 years ago, my physician explained to me I had a severe case of type 2 diabetes. At that point, I decided to change to an healthier lifestyle to save my life bcos it took the life of my mum.

But after several years, the medications were becoming too expensive and useless for me. I decided enough was enough, I would take complete control and would not let diabetes take my life away from my family and the effect it had on my family's life.

Few months ago, I stumbled on the Normatone capsule and something told me this is special and I should try it. I am happy I jumped on it as it helped bring down my blood sugar levels that my doc was surprised. I am happy to say my A1C is now at 5.9 and I’m OFF diabetic medicine.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are very confident you will love the Normatone supplement so we are guaranteeing your satisfaction 

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P.S.: Due to increase in import and shipping cost. The price of the Normatone will be reviewed to N30,000 per bottle from next week. So get it while discount last.