Henry Nicolas, Calabar

This herb is the best thing that happened to me in 2022.  

Seun Afolabi, Lagos

I can't believe I now have a natural scent of lemon, my wife loves to cuddle these days. Where is this herb really from?

Tony Ramatari, Port Harcourt

Body odour and mouth odour is gone. It feels good.



Dear friend, 


If you have been struggling with body odour as a Nigerian man then this would be the most interesting piece you will ever read. 

Here is why;

My name is Bosco Gadabbo, I am from Ghana but grew up in the city of  Lagos, Nigeria. 

After my secondary education in Nigeria, my parents sent me to the Adi Ayyad University, Morrocco where I studied apothecary and natural herbs combination.  


I so much loved my course of study and the people of Morrocco.  I completed my studies and was opportune to work in a very big Apothecary firm in Morocco where medicines were made.


I built my in-lab knowledge and became very good in this field. 


I used to work over 10 hours daily and will be all sweaty. After sometime I noticed I had developed a very strong body odour.

I got some medicated soap and bathe with it, this only helped for sometime.

The body odour kept getting worse, at a point my wife did not have any sexual appeal towards me again.

Once I touch her, she immediately requests that I leave her alone. I struggled with this, it was tough.

I know a lot about herbal plants and their medicinal benefits, so I started trying chai teas, hibiscus teas etc. 

This is an embarrassing situation so it was hard for me to visit a doctor.  

But when it became worse, I visited a doctor, and he told me outrightly what is the missing link to my body odour. 

He said


This was the reason why even if I bathe 10 times a day, the body odour will not go away. 


He told me I needed to get rid of my body parasites.


Being a person who dislikes orthodox medicines, I went into herbal research. I finally came up with my unique formulation that destroys bad parasite causing body odour.

My body odour cleared in less than 2 weeks after it 

Then I thought

A lot of people in the world need this solution. Keeping it all to myself will be sheer wickedness.


We got the formula produced in bulk and got it certified by all the National health bodies. 


The testimonials in Morrocco and Kenya has been mindblowing. We recently started selling them in Nigeria and it is selling like like wildfire in dry season. 

This is because a lot of people have body odour and seek a way out of its net. 

We are currently offering Nigerians a limited 50% discount and free delivery


Also, pay on delivery is available for a limited time.

If you miss this you may not have the opportunity to order for it again. The N15,000 is just an introductory price, this will cost far more on a normal sale.

Warning! Please do not order if you are not yet ready to receive. All orders are cash on delivery meaning you wll only pay when it has been brought to you. This is done to erase all doubts 




This product is under a 30 day money back guarantee. Simply call us and state your date of purchase and that it did not work for you and we will gladly issue you a refund 


Yes we are that confident 

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