Saturday, November 19th, 2022

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Professional Tipster STEVE RALKENS finally reveals his no fail formula that makes AT LEAST N300,000 TO N500,000 MONTHLY from FOOTBALL BETTING even if you have never won a single bet before

Dear friend, if you have been searching for a PROVEN SYSTEM that consistently wins football bets like no man business with just button-clicks then this would be the most interesting thing you have ever read


But if you already own sufficient wealth and you feel what you have is enough for you, then you can leave this page.


ALSO...This is a long letter... Only the most serious people will even read it... (If That's You... Read Every Word Carefully, Because You'll Gain Priceless money-making Insight Just By Reading it!)


Let’s face it, most people are so poverty stricken, damn broke that they can never believe anything related to six figures in a week is possible, if they see such opportunity, they always have thousands if not millions of dumb-reasons inside them why its not going to work


They are so scared of money and insecure that they commit “dream-suicide” whenever they get close to something that will truly make them successful, AND NO it is not village anything but such people are not meant to be millionaires.


Football betting is profitable most Europeans are making a fortune from it as I write this, there are netting huge winnings of thousands of dollars everyday an example are these recent folks from Paddy Power and Betfair

But they seem to be a problem with our dear Nigeria.

The punters failure here is more than massive, the exact reason why tons of bookmakers are being established in the country and probably why there are no less than five betting franchise business on every single street all over the country today.


What does that tell you? It means a lot of punters are loosing. When the punters loose a lot, the bookies makes a lot of money.

Now before you start claiming, it is because Naija youths no get luck or because the Naija youths are lazy or President Buhari or any other possible garbage you may possibly think of which are not relevant to why this is happening.

Now let me tell you why in Nigeria people hardly make anything from football betting

1 Get rich quick mentality

Most people want to get into the game and increase their bank balance to 7 figures in the next month which is not possible. The game was not designed to work that way.

2 The fixed odds, fixed match mentality

Forget it. I mean if you hear the phrase Fixed Match simply run. They don’t exist, at least not for lazy youths like us. For goodness sake those stuffs were coined by some smart Barons who use them to scam innocent and people like you and me.

3 No game plan

Most sport betting losers have no game plan to follow up and that is simply why they fail woefully with the game. You have to know what to invest in a particular month, what to stake in a particular day, the risk behind each game etc.

4 There are not pro punters

More than 95% of Nigerian punters are not professional football traders, all they do is lucky guesses by just jumping into any betting shop, select 10 random games, slap a stake on it, and call it a day. The result is always a loss at the end. And chances are that you reading this are one of the lucky guessers. 

5 Too dependent on sport prediction sites

Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say it is bad using those free sport prediction sites but you would be doing yourself more harm than good by depending too much on their predictions.


For goodness sake most of their tipsters are just ordinary people who know nothing about hitting huge kesh from football betting and growing bankrolls.


Today I am going to show you a guaranteed way I use to bank at least a N50,000 – N250,000 weekly from football betting. You may disbelieve this figures if you wish but that is not important, you can simply close this page if you do not believe this anyway.


I am going to show you the exact blueprint and how you can copy this immediately and start seeing results to grow your bankroll.


First of all, you would ask who is this Steve Ralkens and why should I listen to him anyway

Now, before you think I would start telling you how good I am and why you should listen to me, I don’t do that, I simply show you what people said about me then you decide whether to listen or not

Now those are ice cold testimonials from the students in our inner circle and though there are a lot more of such testimonies to keep going but these ones should be enough.


I am a professional football punter who presently makes more than N500,000 weekly from football betting. And just before you say I don’t believe it like one doubting Thomas, let my direct winning proofs do the talk.


Shhhhh! promise me you are not gonna tell anyone




You see, if I am to post my winning proofs here then believe me this whole page would not be enough to contain it.

Let me make it clear, these winnings have nothing to do with

  • Fixed matches
  • * Fixed odds
  • * Lucky guesses
  • * Acclaimed football hack
  • * Babalawo lol

In fact forget all those garbage as they have nothing to do with these winnings

They come purely from

4 different unbreakable secrets called

Loose proof formula

Now this is a situation whereby it is almost impossible to loose your bets, you can disbelieve if you wish. Almost betting without loosing? It is damn possible and that is why this stuff is just not for everyone.



Blue stake strategy

This is another monster that if you master then football betting isn't going to be a thing of failure again, it is just like a magic stake because no matter what, they MUST BE PROFITS for you at the end so you will always dance shoki to the bank on weekends.


Money management module

Now this is a special system you can use to manage your money in such a way that loosing to the bookies is not even an option, the worst you can get in a month will be a profit of 150% Return on investment, most times we even crush 500% ROI. No losses. 



No nonesense football trading

This is the system we use to know the win probability behind every football match and grow our bankroll fast Now all these outstanding methods are combined and packed into THE MOTHER SYSTEM CALLED the


The Holy Grail that turns broke AMATEUR PUNTERS into 6 - 7 figures PROFESSIONAL PUNTERS in weeks and the exact system the bookies do not want you to see. 

This is a system whereby when applied, you never loose your bets, and it works like magic, we use it to bank nothing less than N50,000 everyday for doing almost nothing and it even seems like something illegal because this money is just too lazy. Good thing is anyone can easily copy this and get the exact results.

It doesn't end there. See what Adewale Ajose of Complete Communications (COMPLETE SPORTS NIGERIA) wrote after test running the Bet Crusher System™

This has nothing to do with some wonder games or betting on both teams kind of garbage, no, in fact do not be deceived by people promising you all those or you may end up being scammed.


This is a PROVEN SYSTEM that shows you how to spot winning bets of 98% - 100% probability in less than ten minutes a day and win the hell out of the bookies while still increasing your bankroll, it works for anyone even if YOU HAVE NEVER WON A SINGLE BET BEFORE It is as good as winning 48 out of every 50 bets you place and I mean it. Now the worst result you can actually get with this is 150% return on investment and that is if you are lazy, smart minds should be getting nothing less than 500% ROI.


That is like investing N10,000 a month and getting N50,000 or investing N100,000 and getting N500,000 for literally doing nothing without any single risk. Simply login to your bookmaker, play the selections that matches this unique system I am going to show you and then I can guarantee you can legally print money off the bookies.

And this is something too easy that even a blockhead olodo can replicate and even if you are presently the brokest fellow on planet earth, a N5,000 bankroll can be used to scale to even 6 figures using this system.

Now everything should be so clear that if you are thinking this is a scam then just hit the exit button and leave this page, you are not ready for huge figures.

I guess you are now asking how do I know if this insane bet crusher system would really work all these you have stated here.


You see, as a Nigerian I know you should be skeptical, but let me tell you why you are highly favoured for landing on this page


This bet crusher system was launched on 11 October, 2022 and just 8 days after its launch and without even a single advertisment, (something wey good them no dey struggle to sell am na), we crushed 355 sales then we immediately stopped the sales because a lot of people were getting their hands on this system too fast.

And before you say 355 sales in 8 days? I don’t believe it, now keep quiet, I only talk with proofs not like one self-acclaimed guru. See sales dashboard below

355 sales, zero complaints all happy customers do you know why? People are seriously seeking for a way out of the bookies web and this bet crusher system over delivers on its promise, it is not something a sane person can afford to miss, hell no.


And if not that we paused the sale this should have moved to nothing less than 1,000 sales but that is not what we want, we decided this bet crusher system wouldn’t get to the hands of too many people.


You see, I sincerely wish I had found something like this back in 2018 when I had contemplated suicide for staking all my bank balance on an acclaimed fixed match I bought from this website scam website


When football betting humble you, there is a lot to share, honestly.


After years of struggling and purchasing games from various sources, I finally cracked the code of how you can start winning bets every single day and dancing to the bank even if you are a complete beginner, this system comprises of 4 dynamic modules which is distilled into a mother system termed the bet crusher system™, the simplest and laziest means right now for even a beginner to make anything from N50,000 – N450,000 every month for literally doing nothing through footbal.

Saturday, November 19th, 2022

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And again here is what Adewale Ajose of Complete Sports said about this system after testing it out.

The bet crusher system™ comprises of 10+ dynamic modules which automatically turn an AMATEUR punter to a PROFESSIONAL punter, packed with a lot of information and value for you to absorb into your head, some of which are.

Why Nigerians fail at football betting (Page 7)

In this part, it is explained in detail why Nigerians fail at football betting, it shows you exactly what to start doing for massive betting success.

How to copy the whites (Page 10)

This part shows you how to bet like the whites for maximum profitability. They are many white profitabke football traders who trade football. In this part you will learn exatly how they do it and replicate the success for yourself.

Football trading or football betting? (Page 13)

Football betting and football trading are totally different things. In this part, I show you the difference and how to make the best switch.

The loose proof formula explained (Page 19)

In this part, the loose proof formula which we use to bank hard on the bookies is explained, this formula is loose proof and I explained everything in detail in this section of the system.

The Money Management Module (Page 21)

Most Nigerian punters do not understand money management. I have explained money management in this part of the system so you can be different from other millions of punters who do not understand it.

How big tipsters make cash and how you can replicate this (Page 23)

Big foreign tipsters make money, a lot of money. My friend Ronald Greene at charges 405 Euros (N243,000) for just one month. And a lot of subscribers are paying for it, that is because it works. I will show you how to predict the same games for free without having to pay that high monthly subscription.

How to get sure three odds daily (Page 25)

I unfolded the whole strategy here. The same strategy which is used to get the games other tipsters charge over N200,000 monthly. I show you how to predict them yourself using less than 10 minutes a day.


Many more. . .

And I also went ahead and added other free bonuses for you if you get it today

Bonus #1

My life-changing money truth ebook

Value: N7,500 Free

I actually added this material for free here (something I hardly do) although it is sold for N7,500, because it is just like gangbusters to broke guys mentality, first of all, you are entering into the world of 6-7 figures income when you get the bet crusher system so we are adding this as a bonus to format all the broke mentality and replace them with how 7 figures people think.

Don’t underestimate the power of this book because it can completely change your money thinking and your discretion is advised before reading.

Bonus #2

Top 100 football scam websites you should avoid

Value N10,000 free

Now I am not an info-greedy person. Let me save you all the time, effort and resource by providing you with 100 scam football websites so you don’t end up with some hungry scammers which will promise you acclaimed fixed matches and end up scamming you.

Bonus #3

Video tutorial on how to spot winning odds daily

Value N10,000 free

I made a video for you to see how I spot winning odds daily and how you can do the same. This video alone is worth over N10,000. But you get it for free

Bonus #4

Checklist of how to turn N5,000 to N70,500 in ten days 

Value N10,000 free

Saturday, November 19th, 2022

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This is 100% possible and in this checklist I show you how to turn N5,000 to N70,500 in 10 days using the tips you learn how to spot in the bet crusher system.



Now let us be sincere to ourselves.


You will agree with me that with all these value, getting the bet crusher system shouldn’t be anything less than N100,000 don’t you?


But you see, the bet crusher system wasn’t created for profits if not it will not be affordable by most people talk more of the mouth-watering bonuses that leaves you thinking how much value you would be missing if you don’t get this today.


Besides, selling 355 copies in 8 days after laucnh without any single complaint from a customer (yes we offer a guarantee) should tell you that this is no brainer, the value speaks for itself. If not that we stopped selling this should be nothing less than 1,000 sales by now.


And the exact games we teach you how to spot using the bet crusher system are the exact ones my friend Ronald Greene at Suregoldtips is selling at N243,000 for just 31 tips and 3 tips for N48,000 and people are still begging to pay for it.

Now that is the charge. Note that 1 Euro is presently N600. You can visit to confirm if you are a doubting Thomas

So recently we decided to resume the sale for a limited time of the bet crusher system.

Now how much do you think this bet crusher system should go for since it shows you exactly how to get games that people are begging to pay N240,000 for and how you can get such games every single day for yourself without having to pay kobo to anybody?



Think again

You shouldn’t be thinking of anything less than six figures even if you are the laziest moving homo sapien, like comon.

But we're not charging you close to that. For a measly N9,900 the first 45 persons can get the bet crusher system (which would make the sales 400) and once that sales dashboard hits 400 we are bringing the price to the original N35,000 without the bonuses and it is still worth a worthy bargain.


At least if you are smart enough you would take on this as an early bird who saw the opportunity.

Now I am a very open person so let me tell you exactly what happened like 10 minutes ago while writing this offer I haven’t done since I started betting.

Here is what happened

I never intended adding all those bonuses for people who get this bet crusher system as the bonuses alone are worth N37,500 and I can easily sell them separately at their respective prices without much talking because there are all worth it.

But something inside me said do it Steve; 45 is not much so just do it for this 45 lucky folks and after this thought, I decided to add all those bonuses.


Now I didn’t just think of that, it really happened.

Let me sound this clearly

If you know you are not going to put this Bet Crusher System to good use then don't buy it. Do not fill up the space that should have been left for one innocent guy, simply don't buy it.

But if you can make good use of it, then grab it below

Saturday, November 19th, 2022

Exclusive 49% off Black Friday Deal N9,900 N4,900 only Click here to order

100% No-Questions Asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If this unrivaled betting system doesn't bring in the wildest winning profits you can ever possibly imagine, regardless of your knowledge in sports or betting experience, then I will refund your purchase price in full.

No ifs. No ands. No buts. No games. No hard feelings. No questions asked! You risk absolutely nothing

How to be one of the 45 lucky persons to get it for just N9,900 before price gets to N35,000

To get the bet crusher system™ today and the 4 free bonuses we offer you an easy payment method paystack. This is a secured online payment gateway approved by CBN which you can pay online with your ATM card or transfer and once your payment is successful, you will be taken to a page which looks like this

Your copy of the bet crusher system™ and all your bonuses would be seen there for your download.

Click the button below to grab it

Saturday, November 19th, 2022

Exclusive 49% off Black Friday Deal N9,900 N4,900 only Click here to order

You can also email my support if you want it sent to your email I have now done everything that works for me for you, it is as simple as copying these exact strategies and getting the same results.

Being skeptical is natural and that is why we went extra mile to provide a solid 30 days money back guarantee.

Now think of it, what can be your excuse for failing to get all this value today before coming back to see something like this

Meaning that the whole 45 spots are already filled.

But Godforbid, I know you are not destined to be broke for the whole of your life.

The only excuse here could be laziness to take action.

Here is a time-conscious holy grail for you to get back all your lost money from the bookies.

Two things are bound to happen today, either you take action today by getting the Bet Crusher System and increase your bank balance or close this page and remain the same way you came, whichever one you find more appealing I wish you goodluck.

May God help us all

Saturday, November 19th, 2022

Exclusive 49% off Black Friday Deal N9,900 N4,900 only Click here to order

PS: In case you just slided down to the bottom of this page (like I do sometimes) this letter is talking about how you can start winning f0otball bets like a pro with a new unique system called the bet crusher system. This is a unique system comprises of 10 different modules.


After 355 sales in 8 days after launch we stopped the sales because too many people were getting their hands on the system, but we recently opened the sales again which we plan to stop soon again. Although the original price is N35,000 but as an early bird we are presently having 45 vacancies to give it at just N9,900 N4,900 and other mouth-wattering bonuses worth N37,500 so if you don’t want to miss out on such a golden nugget simply grab yours here.


Steve Ralkens

Entrepreneur, tipster, marketer

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