Dear friend, it is getting worse!


We both know the average life span of Nigerians is dipping and dipping 


Right now it is currentlly 56 years


This means if you live up to 60 years as a Nigerian today, you are lucky


But why so low? you may ask


They are a couple of reasons why this is happening but I will quickly outline five here and tell you why:


When most people hear of malnutrition, they begin to think of skinny kids who were victims of war.


This is not true, as a matter of fact more than 80% of Nigerians are malnourished


Here is how;


It is a general rule that an individual eats 1g of protein per pound of body weight daily


This means if your body weight is 100 pounds, then you should eat 100g of protein daily 


If your body weight is 120 pounds, then you eat 120g of protein daily 


If you are 120 pounds then 4 chicken breasts adds up to 120g of protein


This is adequate supplementation


But most Nigerians eat less than their daily protein requirement, this is automatically a deficiency in nutrition and can add up to other things. 


This is a result of the new wave of junk and processed foods.

Junk food are always appetizing but contains close to zero nutritional value

E.g a single apple is more nutritious than than a burger and a bucket of chips combined.

Other factors include 



Access to healthcare

So what is omega 3 and what exactly can it do for you?

Omega 3 is gotten from fresh seafood such as salmon and tuna, it can help you in a variety of ways.


1) Reduce symptoms of ADHD and focus 

2) Fights auto-immune disease 

3) Help prevent cancer

4) Reduce liver and cholesterol fat 

5) Reduce blood pressure


The cleanest and purest of Omega-3 has a lot of benefits 


These benefits are so ernomous and the good thing is that it works like magic


Sadly, they are a lot of cheap and innefective omega-3 in the market today


That is why we recommend the warm water test 


Arctic sea is one of the few Omega 3 that pass this test


This is the purest and most natural form of Omega-3

And it has gone ahead to produce a lot of happy clients e.g



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