I want to live to be 150! Famous Sokoto woman talks about how she makes her life longer naturally»

A 102 year old woman who lives in Gada Local Government Sokoto,  Kundu, was born in 1919 and lived through a lot of events and two wars.


She saw a dozen of rulers taking turns.  - she will turn 101 on November, 3.

Rebecca, 102 y.o.

- Mama Rebecca, you’ve lived such a long life. Much longer than anyone else’s. How did you manage to do it?




- Mama Rebecca, in your opinion, can a person whose health is weak live a longer life if he or she starts cleansing the blood vessels?

According to the WHO data, contaminated vessels cause up to 93% of various diseases: from gastrointestinal disorders to bad vision.

- How do you cleanse your vessels? Do you do it on your own? Could you please share the recipe with our readers?
- How is this product called?

- Bernard, tell us please, is it really useful to cleanse blood vessels?
- How do you cleanse vessels with the help of Normatone?

- Mama Rebecca said that one can get Normatone at a discount. Is that true?




ATTENTION, PLEASE! Beware of fakes!

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