Kindly watch this video before you continue 

Let me quickly show you what others think about our mastermind.


Although they are a ton of such testimonies, it will be pointless to litter this page with screenshots 

"I never regret joining you"

Steve, you are the king 

"Win rate is almost 100%"

"I believe this can make me a millionaire"

Dear subscriber,


In the next few days 2019 will come to an end and you may have prolly spent all your 2019 savings on clothes, drinks and parte after parte.


With all these trends and spike in product costs, even a toddler knows things are not going to get better than they currently are.


In fact, they are going to grow worse and worse if you don’t have a system.  


2019 has been a memorable year for me and I am grateful to God for the experience. This year one thing I discovered is that no matter how good and sincere you are, they will still be haters and backlashers.


I remember paying N700,000 to N1m monthly for games and retailing for as little as N10,000 and some guys never get satisfied.


Any day we unfortunately had a loss, you get a lot of hate messages and some go as far as abusing and calling you a scam. 


Like just one day loss o. Which wouldn't even hurt our profit for the month.


So in other not to attract such people again.


I decided to leave the football tipster business 


I decided to play the games I bought by myself   


Some people thought the reason I left was because I was defeated by the bookies or I didn’t want to continue betting


But it's far from it


I continued betting and I have been using a unique roll over system for over 1.5 goals which has been crazily profitable ever since


See one of the successful roll overs 

If you watch the video above this page, then you should understand the screenshot perfectly well. 


The stake of N49,000 was rolled over to N223,714.25 and profit has always been consistent 


The reason I shared picks from at that low amount is so everyone can benefit even though they don’t have N200,000, N500,000 or N1m every month to pay for picks 


I know I was only playing a part to help. But when I broke the news that I am leaving, some loyal subscribers were really sad about it, some begged that I should stay and forget what others say

See emails from some of them below

 Then something hit me

They may be right 

I don’t have to try to make everybody happy because it is not even possible. 

Goodluck was a good president but was heavily criticized. Today he is no more and people wished he was still the one in power

 Even Jesus was rejected by his own people  

So what more about Steve   


So while sipping smirnoff at my favourite bar in Plaza Road, Uyo my phone rang and it was from James one of my old subscribers. 

James who took time to explain how it hasn't been easy because being a N50k per month earner he will need to save up to 4 months just to afford the picks from the source since I am no longer selling

And I remembered how I was just greedily playing the games myself  

It then hit me that despite a few dickheads complaining, a lot more others were grateful for the opportunity  


And I said Fuck it  


I will continue to share the picks and not keep it to myself


Make those wey no see comot for road make those wey see enter  


If you don’t like betting and cannot take instructions then don’t purchase my subscription   


As a human being I am always concerned about our profitability and always do my best to get the best sources for us all despite the amount  


So as a comeback, in the next 7 days, when you join our mastermind, I am throwing the following bonuses for free to you

 Bonus #1 The 2 Odd Treasure  Blackbox

Value N15,000 Free

This is a valuable treasure. In this video training, I sit down and reveal all I have learnt in my 5 years of betting and how you can churn out winning 2 to 3 odds daily that have mad winning rates just like the professional tipsters.

 Bonus #2 - The 2020 Revolution Letter

Value N10,000 Free

I will personally write a letter to you and in strict confidentiality, I will mail same to your residence anywhere you live in Nigeria.

This masterpiece will contain the strategies we are going to deply for a fruitful 2019 and it will be free for the members.

Bonus #3 - Daily stats library

Value N7,000 Free

How to get a library of statistics that will save you hours of calculation on the games using the 2 odds treasure blackbox  

These bonuses itself are things I will never give out, but I will give it out for free to those who join the mastermind in the next 7 days

 Cost is N7,000



Bank transfers


Stephen Agabus


I think I am making this too long. Those who see the value will jump in and those who always watch will keep watching 



Stephen Agabus

Entrepreneur, Marketer, Tipster 

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